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Suicide Prevention Awareness

When it comes to suicide, many people have mixed feelings. However, the one thing we all agree on, is that it is terrible to lose someone, regardless of how. Depression, anxiety, pressure, and feeling overwhelmed can all leave someone feeling helpless, and that they have no way out. According to a report, done by the AFSP, suicide is among the top ten causes of death, here in the United States. Over 120 people will attempt, or die by, a suicide every day.

But it doesn't have to be


Let them know you care. Show them there is hope.

If you know someone, who might need someone to talk to, here is a list of places, where they can talk, confidentially, to someone who understands.

  • Text CONNECT to 741741

  • 1-800-273-8255

  • Contact a local organization

Remember, you can save a life.


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