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Beginning new lessons is often challenging. If they weren't, they wouldn't be worth learning. Marketing has no shortage of these challenges. This week, I began working with a group of young professionals, developing a new game. My job, in aiding them, is more than just their guide to marketing and advertising.

As someone with a background in Graphic Design, I was asked to aid them, with logos, and advertising materials. This requires research into their project's content, their target consumers, as well as their team.

Graphic Design is all about capturing the consumer's attention, with minimal details. In order to "converge" all of these media sources, into a single graphic, the first thing to learn, was the content being created. "From the initial idea to the finished offering" [Lieberman; 2014], I needed to know the style of the content, to best match the Graphics. It is also vital to learn what the content will be experienced on. A theater will have a much different experience, than a smart phone, and whether or not they will digitally download it, or purchase disks, merch, etc., will have just as much of an impact on the advertising.

However, it's not just about the content of the single development. When looking to advertise, it is also important to incorporate the "style" and "energy" that the company, and the team, provides. The energy used in the marketing for a product launch "can mark the difference between success and failure." [Lieberman; 2014]

Using this knowledge, I aided them in creating a new concept logo, for the launch of the product, and will be assisting them further, with future logos, and materials.

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