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Staying on Target

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Continuing our adventure through the fields of Marketing, we enter week two. This week, I discussed narratives and visions, with the outstanding group of designers, from Team NT Studios. When it comes to putting the team first, they have their priorities in order. As an upcoming team, in their field, they focus on bringing families and friends groups together, in unique and exciting ways.

Their views on reaching out to their targets, and making their content as accessible as possible, is well beyond entry level work. With this in mind, I was able to provide a bit more feedback, in way they could market their material, towards the projected release point.

As someone with a background in graphic design work, I lent them a hand with their company's logo, and watched as they took the rest into their own hands. The organization. The focus. The joy that was shown, with these individuals, as they work together, and rely on each other.

The team that I have witnessed, and worked with, is more than just an upcoming company. They communicate and approach each other, like family.

This company has an exciting future ahead of them, and I am equally excited, to help them get off the ground.

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