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Scrummy Chums

When looking into how to sell your team, or sell a change in plans to your team, the best place to start, is with their scrums. Scrums are organized charts, which keep track of the team's project. Tasks begin in a project's "backlog", and are moved through phases, by the person responsible for the task. Once the task has been completed, it is submitted for review, by the project's leader(s), and either accepted, deleted, or returned to the backlog, for modification. Different teams rely on different scrum methods. It is important to know the type of team working on a project, to better situate them with the appropriate scrum method.

No matter which method is used, certain aspects should remain constant, throughout all scrums. These points should reflect the project's scope, and should adjust accordingly. However, the project should not change its scope based on the scrum, being used. Communication should be open, to all members of the project's team. If communication is limited, or lacking, bottlenecks are more likely, and less avoidable.

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