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Marketing Matters

In the third week of our adventures in marketing, we look into the different "themes" of marketing, and how they relate to each other. Theme Parks, Music, Movies, and Video Games are just a few of the selections discussed. However, these all have overlapping marketing themes, and can often connect, with each other. The use of their customers, as micro-influencers, is probably the most important strategy, shared across the board.

When looking at these facts, and techniques in marketing, I was able to use this knowledge, to help the Team NT Studios, plan out the marketing, for their current project, as well as look better into future projects, they will assuredly work on. The easiest marketing technique, an upcoming game studio can use, is also the most important, for the team. Reviews are a way to get the name out there, as well as see the critical things, to avoid, in the next project.

The use of the various marketing platforms, is limited, for video games, and even more limited, for upcoming studios. However, this team, and their allies in the field, have excellent strategies, for overcoming these obstacles.

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