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Logos and Logistics

This week, we finalized the logo for a new, rising studio, Team NT Studios. This studio has been diligently working on major projects, and building their reputation. Over the course of this last month, it has been my great pleasure working with these amazing people, and building connections that will hopefully last, well into the futures of both of our companies.

Part of my position, in helping them, was figuring out their advertising, and marketing budget. This includes an investment packet, which consists of profit analysis, expense reports, and plans for advertising and production. The many areas of these reports have also been discussed, throughout this blog.

In order to finalize the plans, a final report must be filed, giving investors details on what their investment would mean, for them. Would they get a profit share? Maybe a company share? How worth it, would that investment be, to them? It is the marketing personnel's job, to convince that investment to happen.

Building the investment interest also includes building the brand reputation, of the studio team. Using all I have learned, about this team, I helped create a rhythm, in their reports, that will also reflect their dedication to their work, and to each other.

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