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Entry to Scrums

Our journey into the role of a producer, began in September, 2020. Working with an undergrad team, at University of Advancing Technology (UAT), we begin with taking a look into their scrums and sprints.

A Scrum is a plan, broken down into smaller plans, called sprints. These plans help the team to stay organized, and shows them what sections of the project need worked on, and in what order.

As ideas for the project become approved, they are added to the project's backlog. The backlog is a list of all ideas, and plans, which are organized by importance, to the project's deadline. As items are moved from the early stages, to completion, the backlog is slowly emptied. Further plans, which are approved by project leaders, can then be added to the backlog, to begin implementing them to the project.

With this team, I began working with Scrum-Master Jake, who has implemented his own methods for scrum, and together with the project leaders, we began building the scrums, for the project's current status.

The first step, is ensuring everyone is registered, on Trello, where each sprint will be accessible to all members of the team. Once Trello registration is complete, our real work can begin.

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Today we are pitching a scrum method, that is quite unique. Please watch the video below, and provide feedback in the comments section.

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