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Cannibalistic Creations

The sales of games often share sections of the total market. This share is based on how many other games, like yours, are also being sold, and played. As discussed in a previous entry, awareness combined with uniqueness plays a huge factor, in your brands shares. This is measured by Brand Equity. What is the influence your brand has, on the market? Who notices your brand, and the changes it makes? What other companies follow your lead, in the market? Who is your company associated with? Make sure that the populace knows what your brand stands for. This will impact the type of brand, your company has.

Something that is just as important, as the company's brand, is personal branding. What type of leader, teammate, or worker are you? Are you loyal, skilled, positive, and popular? People want to follow leaders they know they can come to. As a great leader once told me, "great leaders aren't the ones that are the best at everything. They are the ones that know who is best, and puts them in that position." Focus on putting the people that know their jobs, in their preferred positions.

With great branding, and great leadership, a company can thrive, with multiple successful projects. However, this can also lead to a cannibalistic situation, if you are not careful. Cannibalism in the market occurs when a new product begins taking sales, from a product already on the market. In gaming, this can occur when a similar game, or different version of a game, is released, decreasing sales on the earlier version, already being sold.

The best diversion, to this, is to make sure your game is unique, in every way, even to your own company's earlier games.

In the studio, the team is working on a game that is just that. A game that is entirely unique, in every way. As they continue the final push, to the release date, I begin looking into their game's persona, and the potential influence it will have, on the market. While they don't have to worry, now, about cannibalizing their game, it may come into play, in future projects. The road ahead is paved with good intentions, and this team is on the right track.

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