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Cancan and Kanban

With the scrums started, and the sprints in the planning phases, it's time to begin shifting the work, through the production line. This means taking items, with the highest priority, and pulling them into phase 1, for each section of the team. As each item, in phase 1, is completed, by the person assigned, they can pass it to phase 2, communicating to the team, that it is completed, and ready for the person to add their phase. As each item, in each phase, is completed, feedback should be provided, either for a redirect, future phase items, or for scrapping an item, in the backlog.

Like the cancan, this system only works, if everyone is in sync. If one team member doesn't communicate, and the item in question is a dependency for a future item, it can cause a bottleneck, in the sprints. This means that a great team build is essential, for the project to flow easily. A team that has a common interest, in the project they are working on, as well as similar personalities, creates the ideal team composition, and helps identify and prevent bottlenecks, or keep them to a minimum.

To keep these bottlenecks from happening, and to ensure communication and synchronized teamwork is consistent, scrum meetings, or stand-ups. These meetings are used to assist any part of the team, where bottlenecks are visible, and a chance for team members to communicate any blockers, or dependencies, that they have concerns with.

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