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Branded "Leader"

In order to become a great leader, I had to start at the bottom. Looking at the different leaders that I had, throughout my career, I learned the key points, in becoming a great leader, myself. In my time as a leader, I have carried these aspects, including empathy, loyalty, respect, and responsibility. My employees must all know that they can come to me, for any matter, and I will be understanding, as I have been there, myself. I must be loyal to the company, to my employees, but also to myself. If a situation doesn't seem right, I must trust my instincts, and see that a change is made, for the benefit of my staff, as well as the company. A great quote says "employees don't leave bad jobs. They leave bad leaders." Taking this to heart, I focus on being the reason employees want to stay. In several of my jobs, I continue to be a person that is looked up to, and handle most of the interviews, as I can talk to the applicant, and provide a positive feeling, towards the job, and the people there. I take my job very seriously, but also understand that a job should be a place where you can enjoy your time, as well.

Under my supervision, my team produces great food, ensuring the satisfaction of a wide variety of customers. Though we do not have a specific market, that we target, we do understand the importance of keeping specific customers happy, as they return to our company, on a regular basis. These are the people we ensure lasting conversations, and questions they might have, about the company. While other customers, who visit us occasionally, we will begin to build relations with, by inciting conversations, and getting to know them. We build these relations, with our customers, ensuring the awareness and popularity of our brand goes untarnished.

These are only a few of the aspects, of my position, as a leader.

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